Laura Moore, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen – May 2017

"Audrey and Paul have been very efficient and helpful during our unusual extension work. Paul was very knowledgeable about what was possible and how to use the space to our advantage. He took on board our needs and ideas and gave us a range of options to work with. He dealt with all the paperwork and kept us informed of the progress of our application. He oversaw the build, ensuring that the correct protocols were followed at every stage. He facilitated meets between the contractor and myself to finalise options on the build and discuss additional costs and changes as they arose. He was always quick to respond to emails or calls and arranged meetings in short time frames to ensure as little delay as possible. his initial timescales on the project were also very reasonable.

He was very honest about appointing contractors and gave insight into what he felt their strengths were with examples from previous work he had seen. He showed a great deal of professionalism and it was easy to trust his opinions and instincts. As it worked out this worked in our favour as the chosen contractor (recommended by Paul) was also fantastic and together they have given us plenty of additional functional space to expand our family.

Paul and Audrey didn't stop there as well as being on hand during the renovations for alterations to the plans they were quick to ensure snagging was completed and have reacted quickly to other issues that have arisen, in fact one issue was resolved before I had officially reported it to them!

I would recommend Paul and Audrey to anyone wishing to extend their home."

Laura Moore, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen - May 2017