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CDM (Construction Design and Management) Regulations 2015 are health and safety regulations that apply to every construction project (of all sizes) and are applied to each project before, during and after the project.

The CDM Regulations place duties particularly on key members of the project team such as client, designers and contractors.

The Principal Designer is a CDM duty holder and the regulations define a Principal Designer as "the designer with control over the pre-construction phase of the project".  A Principal Designer must be appointed on projects with more than one contractor.

By appointing All Design as the Principal Designer early on in your project, we can help you by:

  • Advising on duties and assist with the formulation of a Client CDM Brief
  • Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety in the pre-construction phase
  • Ensure other designers comply with their duties
  • Take account of the general principals of prevention
  • Help and advise you in bringing together pre-construction information and provide the information that designers and contractors need to carry out their duties

We coordinate the Health and Safety risks prior to construction, planning and monitoring the pre-construction phase, identifying and collating pre-construction documentation and ultimately providing other designers and the Principal Contractor with this information.

If you would like to understand more about your responsibilities, please review the CDM's regulations 2015 here.

Alternatively, get in touch and we can help explain the process and your responsibilities.


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