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When you look at the list of benefits of converting your garage, it’s no surprise that garage conversions are a growing trend as the solution to several problems.

A high-quality garage conversion will:

  • Add value to your home: well planned and executed professionally, a garage conversion can add up to 10% to the value of your home – making a good return on your investment.
  • Add more living space: creating extra modern, energy-efficient living space for your family is probably the chief reason you’d want to convert your garage. What you do with it – bedroom, ‘granny flat’ or games room - is up to you!
  • Be cost-effective: the cost of a garage conversion is relatively low compared to alternatives such as loft conversion, single or two-storey extension. conservatories and orangeries. Which leads to the high return on investment it offers.
  • Offer flexibility: you don’t have to convert the whole garage – some of it can be left unconverted for use as storage space. This is a major good option if losing storage space will be an issue at the end of your garage conversion project.
  • Not reduce daylight into the rest of your home: a new build single or two-storey extension can cut off a significant amount of natural light into the rest of your home. But because your garage is an existing structure and doesn’t need any external work, a garage conversion won’t have that setback.
  • Not increase your council tax: converting your garage won’t affect the rate of council tax you pay.
  • Typically not need planning permission: in most cases a garage conversion won’t need planning permission from the council because it’s covered by ‘permitted development’ because all the work is internal. But if your home is in a conservation area or your garage is separate from your home, you may need planning permission.

With over 30 years of experience, we will use our expertise to advise and help you.  You can read what our clients have said about our work on our Testimonials section.

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