Steading conversions

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Steading Conversions

Converting steadings for other uses is an increasingly popular trend in property conversions because it allows you to take an empty shell and decide how the space should be divided.

In many cases the traditional farm steading is an underused asset - many lie unoccupied, unused or even empty once the most modern agricultural practices have been introduced.

With the right advice on design, planning and finance your steading can be converted into a serious income stream, or a useful bit of extra accommodation which is very energy-efficient.


Possible options include the redevelopment of the steading for residential or commercial use, or a combination of both, together with small workshop units. Scottish Planning Policy 15, introduced in February 2005, looks particularly favourably on the latter, making planning permission more likely.

If you’re looking to sell on the final steading conversion, location is crucial - both of your farm and that of the steading conversion within it. Both will determine the best use for the buildings and how the development should take shape. This will then knock-on to the commercial decisions which need to be taken - whether to sell or lease the site, or whether to develop it yourself.


The consequences and benefits of your steading conversion should be considered carefully, with advice from experience professionals. Factors to be considered include noise and loss of privacy, possible reduction in value of the remaining property and the potentially negative effect of more human activity near your working farm.

On the plus side, a steading conversion will allow you to free up capital or create a new income stream. Or allow you to move to a lovely new purpose-built steading more suitable for modern farming, plus lower maintenance costs.

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