Bramble school project

As part of Bramble Brae School’s ‘World of Work Week’, Paul and Audrey Walber from All Design visited the school to deliver a workshop on architectural design and construction.  A presentation was used to discuss architecture, how buildings stand up and explain all the different roles involved at All Design to help make the business a success.
The children were then split into groups and individuals were nominated different roles, such as Architectural Designer, Structural Engineer and Straw Boss.  Groups were asked to provide a sketch concept of a straw tower and then tasked with constructing it, using specific materials, all within a strict timescale.  Any changes to the original concept plan had to be thought through and justified.  Each tower had to stand up to a book test.
Half way through the build, Straw Bosses (Project Managers) met with the client (Audrey) to discuss progress and difficulties encountered.  They then had to negotiate amendments and timescale, if necessary.  On completion, the groups presented the final tower to the Town Planner (Paul) for ‘sign-off’.
The Town Planner measured the towers and asked the groups for justification of any amendments to the original concept designs.  He then assessed each tower and carried out the all-important book test!
The project finished with an evaluation and prizes.
Paul comments: “It was really great fun and encouraging to see just how seriously the children took their roles and how much they got involved. I was impressed with how they used the information covered in our talk about shapes and buildings and applied it to the task.”
“Hopefully the project inspired an interest in architecture and may lead some to consider a future in this exciting industry.”


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